Southern Living, rediscovered

While excavating further into the bowels of the hoards of our house well-furnished with modern antiquities (sounds better than junk or trash), we found a box of Southern Living magazines from around the turn of the century.  Here are a few scanned samples for storing in our electronic pile of “historical documents”:

Southern-Living-001 Southern-Living-002 Southern-Living-003 Southern-Living-004 Southern-Living-005 Southern-Living-006 Southern-Living-007 Southern-Living-008 Southern-Living-009 Southern-Living-010 Southern-Living-011 Southern-Living-012 Southern-Living-013a Southern-Living-013b Southern-Living-013c Southern-Living-013d Southern-Living-014a Southern-Living-014b Southern-Living-014c Southern-Living-015 Southern-Living-022a Southern-Living-022b Southern-Living-023 Southern-Living-024 Southern-Living-025 Southern-Living-026 Southern-Living-027 Southern-Living-028


Return to Neverland

Today, the author J.K. Rowling hinted at the rewrite of the Harry Potter world she had created.

In the new version, 10% of the girls at Hogwarts become pregnant and quit school, 20% of the boys pass on the STDs they contracted during conjugal visits away from the school and are summarily dismissed, 15% of the students drop out (due to poor grades, lack of motivation, etc.), several instructors will be fired and arrested for inappropriate relationships with their students, the Ministry of Magic will be fired for running Ponzi schemes, dragging the headmaster down with them, and the majority of the students will be dismissed for rampant cheating, leaving Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley to fend for themselves once again, having committing all of the acts cited above.

In other words, Hogwarts needs no external enemy — it will do perfectly well destroying itself from the inside.