Tomorrow, a tale on Mars, illustrated

While our Creative Arts department puts away its propaganda material, preparing for morning sketches, let us look at sports that don’t often see the limelight.

And here’s the image du jour…

Well, before I post it, a little background.  You see, after talking with Jenn tonight, we’ve decided to change our outfits for the showcase dance.  I said I was going as a punk rock Big Bird, meaning she could go as her favorite character, Oscar the Grouch:

Big Bird and Oscar 001

But then…well, the craziness kicked in.  She’s going to dare me to dress as a sexy Big Bird, I know it, so I better dare her to dress as a sexy Oscar the Grouch first!  We’ll see who wins the “best costume” contest — me as a drag queen Big Bird or her as a hot Oscar!

Big Bird and Oscar 002

Life is short — wear fur and big feet, eat dessert later!

Running on fumes, running out of steam, punk?

You know steampunk has entered the mainstream when more than two pages of [Simplicity/McCall’s/Butterick] steampunk costume design patterns are available in a Walmart DIY clothing catalog at the fabrics department.

Buy our clothes and help support anorexia

Designers at the Milan Fashion Week runway shows begged customers to buy their clothes in an effort to support anorexia — the Anorexia Automaton Army is about to take over the world with your help:

Meanwhile, mobile phones are eating us for lunch but keeping us from being bored at the same time.  Go figure!

It’s probably the same reason our antiquated telecom system means that as more and more Americans seek citizenship abroad, we had better start to speak Chinese if we’re going to understand what the majority of Internet citizens are gossiping to each other in their costly relief of boredom.

Two links du jour

Your bonus for the day: Parents, make time in your busy lives for your kids’ education.

And one for the road (to the nonvegans out there): Animal protein for the lean, mean machine in you…

Fashion Forward

Our friends in the Mob like to fund motorsports events, equating the smoke-belching monster races to gladiator events of old.

They passed on the word this afternoon that they approve the following fashion statement and will hire the designers to handsew space uniforms with child labour to show the real company mergers the Mob has planned to keep the general population buying goods at rock-bottom, low-quality prices.