Time for a change of course

The rudder, bent by a strong riptide, pulls me in a new direction.

Not, not by these characters:

Card-Grant-Searcey-from-Dahlonega-art-show-2013-May-001 Card-Grant-Searcey-from-Dahlonega-art-show-2013-May-002 Card-Grant-Searcey-from-Dahlonega-art-show-2013-May-003 Card-Grant-Searcey-from-Dahlonega-art-show-2013-May-004 Card-Grant-Searcey-from-Dahlonega-art-show-2013-May-005 Card-Grant-Searcey-from-Dahlonega-art-show-2013-May-006 Card-Grant-Searcey-from-Dahlonega-art-show-2013-May-007 Card-Grant-Searcey-from-Dahlonega-art-show-2013-May-000


Instead, a friend of mine, Karen Hawkins, has asked me to read and critique on amazon.com her latest release, How to Pursue a Princess:



While reading, I’ll place my iced drink on the new coaster I bought at this past weekend’s art show in Dahlonega, GA:


Animated Boy Wonder

When we were kids, were we able to ice skate the first time we stepped onto the rink?

Well, the Aquatic Leaping Bubble Boy gets to experience ice skating for the first time he was animated from a 2D drawing to a “2.5-dimensional” experiment using CrazyTalk Animator Pro (the trial version):

The Aquatic Leaping Bubble Boy CTAPro test 001

= = = = =

Recent thanks to Debra at KCDC; Chrystyna and Austin at Publix; Kizzie and Katy at Steak ‘n’ Shake; the cheerful people at Madison County License Department

Two books for the end of the week

  1. MANGA CROSS-STITCH > Make your own graphic art needlework, by Helen McCarthy, designs by Steve Kyte and Helen McCarthy (Andrew McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, 2009)
  2. MAKE ‘EM LAUGH: the funny business of america, by Laurence Maslon and Michael Kantor (Hachette Book Group, New York, 2008)

Phil Silvers (Fischl Silverstein): “What’s television?  Burlesque with an antenna — that’s television.”

Ever feel a hankering for sumpin’?

I feel an urge to combine the following items into something that I don’t quite know what yet:

  1. ScriptKit drag-and-drop programming.
  2. Sarah Palin cutout doll kit.
  3. Cardboard Christmas wrapping paper tubes and Amazon shipping boxes.
  4. “Free stuff” sites like Craigslist, Freecycle and Yerdle.
  5. Valued-added software like InboundWriter.
  6. Je ne sais quoi…

Another stop-action story, perhaps?

A new hand-drawn animated comic?

Last link loaded too long, didn’t it?

Here are some comic/horror book covers that don’t take long to load:


And one more PDF biggie that does take a long time to load:




Mayberry RFD, the next generation

So, word on the street in Hollywood is a remake of the Andy Griffith Show, with Opie returning to his hometown, OR…

A live version of the Archie comic series, because…

we’ve already re/made these:

So many more to read at my leisure before digging gold in Canada.

Did somebody mention the Gold Diggers?