Back to the drawing board again for the very first bored time

In the mail yesterday I received a book called IDRAWCOMICS SKETCHBOOK & REFERENCE GUIDE by Matt Marrocco, which finally came because I financially backed the creation and publication of the book through KickStarter.

I also received a BIC pen with the IDRAWCOMICS logo as well as an IDRAWCOMICS sticker — better late than never, or better slate than clever.

I am no famous comic strip, graphic novel or webcomic creator but I like to draw doodles.

Time to put my doodling to the test of time and see if I can convert my text sketches (i.e., blog entries), which are readable by the blind, into something with more visual impact while keeping the text blog entries for my blind readers.

If you tell stage performers to break a leg, do you tell comic sketchers to break a lead?