The cat’s out of the bag, and no, it’s not Schrödinger’s cat.

My team has elected the next project leader for the next project, an autonomous greenhouse, which is basically a building-sized robot that feeds itself and grows/harvests food for humans.

Interestingly enough, but not surprisingly so, they chose a project management algorithm to lead the project, giving over all decision making and late night number crunching to a software team member who/which won’t need weekly meetings or summary reports to get its point across when fingers are pointed toward the causes of failures in achieving project goals.

The algorithm already mines Bitcoins to generate revenue for the project so cost has all but been eliminated from concerns on this project.

Practically eliminating humans from the design and construction phase reduces labour costs; so, too, during operation and maintenance.

The algorithm has a flexible set of milestones to complete the design and construction, this being a new project for all involved.

I trust my team.

However, I’m building my own scale version of this to compare one human’s design to that of an algorithm.

In my case, cost is of paramount importance, labour cost is primarily my free time and schedule is within a few weeks/months depending on weather conditions and my free time.

Wish me luck!

Extraterrestrial epiphytes

Email from an entrepreneurial friend:

Tillandsia International

43714 Road 415             

Coarsegold, California 93614

Phone: (559) 683-7097     Fax: (559) 658-8847



This is not a complete listing of our availability. MANY OTHER SPECIES ARE AVAILABLE-CLICK ON



Full catalog and order form at our Web Site:


Are you a collector or hobbyist? Do not want the Minimums?

The independent, exclusive, retail distributor listed below can help you. They offer fast service, inexpensive phyto-sanitary certificates for international shipping and years of experience.



World wide distributor located in California


John McKenzie

Paradise, CA

Web site:


Phone: (530)873- 6730



Domestic Minimum Order Requirement $150.00-Foreign and Hawaii Minimum Order Requirement $400.00


Plants $1.50 and under, minimum 10 plants per species.

Plants between $1.51 and $4.99, minimum 5 plants per species.

Plants between $5.00 and $19.99, minimum 2 plants per species.

Plants $20.00 and over, 1 plant per species.


    Domestic Quantity Discount Levels            Foreign and Hawaii Quantity Discount Levels

                  $300.00 += 10%                                                            $500.00 += 20%

                  $500.00 += 20%                                                            $700.00 += 30%

                  $700.00 += 30%                                                          $1000.00 += 32%

                $1000.00 += 32%                                                          $2000.00 += 34%

                $2000.00 += 34%


In order to better serve our customers, we urge you to use our secured online order form or fax. (559-658-8847) to send in your orders at any time.  This helps eliminate errors in addresses, phone numbers, and species names.  You can also send your order, shipping, and payment information to as well as any inquiries you may have.



Plastic Care Tags-3”-5 1/2” waterproof care tags for your customers- $0.40 each.

~These items can be viewed on our web site



A beautiful 4-4 ½ “shell $2.00

No minimum- (plants not included)





5 Stricta Green Clump-Small, a $10.00 VALUE! Yours free with any order placed online.  You MUST place your order online and mention the special in the “comments” box to receive the free plants.







AUGUST 6TH, 2013

Bloom List-Plants in bud or flower

LIMITED SUPPLIES-Availability: first come first served / Can change hourly.

Tillandsia Giant Specimen in Bud

                GIANT SPECIMEN IN BUD


Houston X $40.00-2 at this price


Montana Giant Specimen $25.00-2 at this price


Schusteri $25.00-1 at this price.



Weekly Specials in Bud


Chiapensis x Achyrostachys NICE PINK SPIKE $15.00

Cyanea 8”-12” $10.00



Kruseana Red Form $12.50





Other Plants in Bud

Achyrostachys $10.00

Arhiza Giant 8”-12” $4.00

Bandensis $3.00

Caerulea $3.00

Comarapaensis $6.00

Duratii Curly 12” $18.00

Exserta $5.00

Fasciculata Mexican $15.00

Geminiflora Hybrid $3.00

Kegeliana x Rothii (low bud) $20.00

Kruseana 8”-12” GOOD COLOR $15.00

Propagulifera 12”+ $15.00

Pruinosa $5.00

Roland-Gosselinii $30.00

Stricta Fay Gray (high bud) $5.00

Stricta Grand Selecta $15.00

Stricta Hybrid (high bud) $2.00

Stricta Stiff Purple $3.00

Tricolor v Melan 8”-12” $2.50










Arhiza Giant Form-fragrant

5”-8” $2.00

8”-12” $4.00

12”-15” $6.00



Arhiza Giant Form-fragrant (in bloom)




T. Xerographica Large 7-10”
As low as $9.27 when purchased at the 30% quantity discount level.

Pictures at



Vriesea Rauhii 6”-10” $7.50






Aeranthos/Bergeri Giant Specimen $20.00 These can be sold as is or broken down to single plants.



Ionantha Guat~Extra Large $0.50

As low as $0.35 when purchased at the 30% quantity discount level.



MANAGERS SPECIAL Bergeri Hybrid 2”-6” (Growers Choice) $0.50


Bergeri Hybrid 2”-6” $0.50

Aeranthos Minuette Giant Specimen $25.00

Aeranthos/Bergeri Hybrid $0.90

Arhiza Giant Form 5”-8” $2.00

Arhiza Giant Form 8”-12” $4.00

Arhiza Giant Form 12”-18” $6.00

Baileyi (small clumps) $1.00

Balsasensis $3.00

Bergeri Small $0.75

Bulbosa 3”-4” $1.25

Capitata v Domingensis $7.00

Didisticha Giant $12.00

Extensa Red Form 6”-8” $6.00

Extensa Red Form 10”-12” $10.00

Filifolia 3”-4” $2.00

Hammeri 8+ $2.00

Harrisii 4” $1.50

Ionantha Guat. Extra Large $0.50

Ionantha Ron $1.75

Ionantha Rubra Small $0.65

Juncea Mix 4”-6” $0.95

Juncea Red-Green (no bud-good color) $1.50

Mauryana $10.00

Roezlii 5”-7” $20.00

Schatzlii Red X (red leaves) $4.00

Seleriana $4.00

Stricta “Emerald Forest” $10.00

Tricolor v Melan 4”-7” (no bud- good color) $1.50

Velutina 4”-5” $1.25

Vriesea Rauhii 6”-10” $7.50

Xero. X Brachy. 5”-7” $2.00

Xero. X Brachy. 12”-14” $15.00

Xerographica 7”-10” $13.25







Aeranthos/Bergeri Hybrid $1.00, Aeranthos Bronze $0.75, Aeranthos Hybrid $0.75, Aeranthos Large $1.00, Bergeri Hybrid 2”-6” $0.50, Bergeri Large Form $1.00, Bergeri Small Form $0.75, , Caulescens Small $1.00, Chaetophylla $0.75, Crocata Giant $1.00, Ehlersiana 2”-3” $1.00, Fuchsii v Gracillis $0.50, Schiedeana $0.75, Straminea Bush-fragrant $0.90, Stricta 4” $0.75, Stricta Stiff Gray 4” $1.00, Tenuifolia Bronze Tip Small $0.85, Usneoides Clump $1.00



Didisticha Giant $15.00, Fasciculata Giant Hybrid $15.00, Fasciculata x Ionantha Lg. $7.50, Kegeliana x Rothii $20.00, Latifolia 14”-18” $15.00, Rolland-Gosselinii $30.00, Secunda 10”-14”+ $10.00, Xerographica 7”-10” $14.00



Aeranthos/Bergeri Hybrid $1.00, Aeranthos/Bergeri Hybrid Clumps (10-15 plants each-not in bud) on hanging wire $5.00 each, Aeranthos Bronze $0.75, Aeranthos Large $1.00, Aeranthos x Meridionalis $1.50, Bergeri Giant Specimen $25.00, Bergeri Hybrid $12.00 per lb or $30.00 per kg, Brachycaulos x Schiedeana $2.00, Harrisii 6” $2.50, Ionantha Huamelula $5.00, Montana Large $1.25, Recurv. V Sub Hybrid $3.00, Stricta 3” $0.50, Stricta 4” $0.75, Stricta 5” $1.25, Stricta Green Clump Large $5.00, Stricta Green Clump Small $2.00, Stricta Pink Bronze $1.50, Stricta Silver Star $3.00, Stricta Stiff Gray 6” $1.50, Tenuifolia Bronze Tip Small $0.85, Usneoides Clump $1.00, Usneoides Coarse/Fine Mix $1.50





Aeranthos Minuette Giant Specimen $25.00, Aeranthos & Bergeri Hybrid Clumps (10-15 plants each-not in bud) on hanging wire $5.00 each, Bergeri $12.00 per lb. or $30.00 per kg, Bergeri Giant Specimen $25.00, Caulescens Specimen $8.00



Achyrostachys $10.00, Aeranthos Mini Purple $2.00, Aeranthos Purple Leather $8.00, Albida 4”-6” $1.75, Albida 8”-12” $5.00, Andreana $3.25, Araujei Hybrid $1.00, Araujei Closed Form $2.00, Araujei Open Form $1.50, Arhiza Giant Form 5”-8” $2.00, Arhiza Giant Form 8”-12” $4.00, Arhiza Giant Form 12”-18” $6.00, Atroviridipetala Giant $12.50,  Atroviridipetala Large $7.50, Atroviridipetala Small $6.00, Balsasensis $4.00,  Bergeri Hybrid 2”-6” $0.50, Bergeri Hybrid per lb. $15.00, Bergeri/Aeranthos per lb. $15.00, Brachy. Giant Green $3.00, Bulbosa 6”-8” $6.50, Butzii 6”-10” $1.25, Caballosensis $8.00, Capitata Green $6.00, Capitata Mauve Giant $30.00, Caput-Medusae 5”-6” $1.50, Caput-Medusae 6”-8” $2.50, Caput Purple 3”-4” $2.50, Care Tags $0.40, Chiapensis 4” $5.00, Chiapensis x Achyrostachys $20.00, Chiapensis x Velutina $15.00, Concolor 3”-4” $1.25, Concolor x Fasciculata $10.00, Deppeana $20.00, Duratii Curly Form 5” $7.00, Duratii Curly Form 8” $10.00, Duratii Curly Form 12” $18.00, Duratii Open Form $12.00, E-6000 $5.75, Ehlersiana 2”-3” $1.00, Eizii $20.00, Exserta $5.00,  Extensa Red Form 4”-6” $2.50, Extensa Red Form 6”-8” $7.00, Extensa Red Form 10”-12” $15.00, Fasciculata 6”-9” $2.25, Fasciculata Mexican $15.00, Filifolia 3”-4” $2.50, Filifolia 6” $5.00, Flabellata $6.00, Funkiana 1”-2” $1.00, Funkiana 2”-3” $1.50, Funkiana 4”-7” $2.25, Geminiflora $8.00, Glabrior $2.00, Hammeri $3.00, Harrisii 4” $1.50, Harrisii 6” $2.50, Harrisii 8” $5.00, Huarazensis 5”-7” $30.00, Imperialis $18.00, Ionantha Fat Boy $4.00, Ionantha Fuego $2.00, Ionantha Grace $5.00, Ionantha Guat. $0.55, Ionantha Ron $2.75, Ionantha Rubra Large $1.00, Ionantha Van Hyn. Large $3.25, Ionantha Van Hyn. Small $2.25, Ionantha x Baileyi $3.50, Ixioides x Duratii $7.00, Kruseana Red Form $15.00, Latifolia 8”-12” $7.00, Latifolia 14”-18” $15.00, Limbata $10.00, Lymanii 12”-15” $30.00, Magnispica $15.00, Maritima $25.00, Mauryana $10.00, Montana Hugo $5.00, Montana Large $1.25. Montana “Spiral” $5.00, Murex Ramosa Shell 4”-4 ½” $2.00, Neglecta 1” $0.75, Neglecta 2”-3” $2.50, Neglecta Giant $4.00, Neglecta Red Giant $5.00, Nidus 6”-8” $10.00, Nidus 10” $15.00, Paucifolia Mex. $5.00, Peru Inca Gold 4”-6” $1.25, Peru Inca Gold 6”-8” $2.00, Plumosa $5.00, Pseudobaileyi $1.50, Purpurea $8.00, Roezlii 5”-7” $20.00, Rodrigueziana Red Giant 8”-12” $10.00, Rodrigueziana Red Giant 14”-18” $15.00, Schiedeana $0.75, Seleriana $4.75, Seleriana Purple Hybrid $7.50, Straminea Giant Bush $30.00, Straminea Giant Tall $20.00, Streptophylla Guat. 4”-6” $7.50, Streptophylla Guat. 6”-8” $10.00, Streptophylla Mex. 12”+ $20.00, Stricta 3” $0.50, Stricta “Emerald Forest” $10.00, Stricta Giganticus $5.00, Stricta Green Clump per lb. $9.50, Stricta Green Clump per kg. $21.00, Stricta Green Giant $3.00, Stricta Magenta $3.00, Stricta ‘Rio Negro’ $5.00, Stricta Stiff Gray 4” $1.00, Stricta Violet $3.00, Stricta v Compacta $2.50,  Superinsignis 8”-12” $25.00, SUPERTHRIVE 1 OZ. $6.52, Tenuifolia Bronze Tip Small $0.85, Tenuifolia Bronze Tip Large $1.25, Tenuifolia Purple Bush $3.00, Utriculata v Prengelii 2”-3” $0.75, Velutina 6” $1.75, Vriesea Espinosae $10.00, Xerographica 4”-6” $9.00, Xero. X Brachy. 8”+ $5.00, X Victoria $1.75


NO STOCK – Do not order  

Aeranthos Black Giant, Aeranthos Hybrid Giant Clump, Aeranthos Minuette Giant Specimen, Aeranthos Purple Giant, Aeranthos x Meridionalis,  Albida 12”+, Arhiza-Juliae x Pruinosa, Balbisiana Red-Green, Balbisiana x Velutina, Belloensis, Beutelspacheri, Black Murex Shells, Bourgaei, Brachy. X Concolor, Bulbosa Mini Brazil, Bulbosa 2”-3”, Bulbosa 7”, Butzii 8”-12”, Butzii 10”, Califanii, Callichroma, Caput-Medusae 3”, Caput-Medusae 4”, Caput-Medusae 4”-5”, Caput-Medusae 7”-9”, Caput-Medusae 9”, Caput x Brachy., Carlos Hankii, Chiapensis 6”, Concolor 2”-3”, Concolor 8”-12”, Concolor 12”+, Concolor x Caput-Medusae, Concolor x Streptophylla, Dyeriana 4”,  Ehlersiana 2”-3”, Ehlersiana 3”-4”, Eizii, Eizii 12”, Extensa White Form, Fasciculata 9”+, Fasciculata x Oaxaca, Fraseri 12”-18”, Fraseri 18”-30”, Funkiana 3”-4, Gardneri v Rupicola, Globosa, Grandis, Grandis 18”-24”, Grandis Purple Form, Grassifolia Clump, Gymnobotrya, Harrisii 12”, Harrisii Clump, Heterophylla, Hintoniana,  Houston x, Ionantha Albino, Ionantha Clump Small, Ionantha Conehead, Ionantha Crested Form, Ionantha Fuego Red Giant, Ionantha Huamelula, Ionantha Mex. Small, Ionantha Mex. Large, Ionantha Peach, Ionantha Peanut, Ionantha Rosita, Ionantha Rubra Small, Ionantha x Brachy. 5”-8”, Ionantha x Schiedeana, Ixioides Fragrant Dwarf, Jalisco-Monticola x,  Jucunda, Juncea 4”-6”, Juncea 5”-6”, Juncea Giant Form, Juncea Specimen, Juncea Thick Leaf, Latifolia 2”-3”, Latifolia 10”-15”, Latifolia Caulescent, Latifolia Enano Red 4”-6”, Mexicana, Montana Black, Montana Clump, Montana Large, Montana Purple, Montana x Stricta,  Multicaulis, Paleacea Maxima, Nana, Parryii, Paucifolia,  Peru Inca Gold Specimen, Peru Inca Gold Giant Specimen, Pink Murex shells, Polystachia Large,  Prodigiosa, Pueblensis, Purpurea, Purpurea x Purple, Recurvata, Recurvifolia, Recurvifolia Giant Form, Recurvifolia v Subsecundifolia Large, Reichenbachii 4”-6”, Remota Small Clump, Rhodocephala, Rodrigueziana x Brachy., Roezlii, Rothii, Schiedeana Giant Form, Seideliana Specimen, Seleriana, Seleriana Mini Purple, Streptocarpa Mini x Specimen, Strepto. X Pseudo., Streptophylla 8”-12”, Streptophylla Guat. 3”-5”,  Streptophylla Mex. 4”-6”, Streptophylla x Fasciculata, Stricta 3”, Stricta Giant-Single, Stricta Green Giant,  Stricta Midnight, Stricta Purple Star, Stricta Soft Purple, Stricta Stiff Star, Stricta x Tenuifolia, Sucrei, Supermexicana, Superthrive ½ oz.(new size available), Rhodocephala, Tectorum Bush 3”-5”, Tectorum Fuzzy Giant, Tectorum White Fuzzy 4”-6”,  Tenuifolia Blue, Tenuifolia Bronze Giant Specimen, Tenuifolia Bush, Tenuifolia Bush Clump, Tenuifolia Fine, Tenuifolia Fine Clump, Tenuifolia Stiff Clump, Tenuifolia Tall Form, Tenuifolia v Amethyst, Tenuifolia v Disticha,  Tenuifolia x Araujei, Tortillis, Velutina 6”, Vernicosa Open, Violacea, X Floridiana,  X Victoria XL, Xerographica X-Lg.


POTS AND BASKETS-LOW PRICES minimum 5 units per style-Discount Apply.

Lattice Pot Window Garden: $1.50each or 48 sets @ $34.40              

Lion Urn: $1.25 each or 24 units @ $10.40 

Hand Painted Terra Cotta Pot: $0.50 each or 432 units @ $104.00 

Basket with Handle: $0.50 each or 240 units @ $57.60

Little basket: $0.30 each or 600 units @ $108.00


ORDER EARLY Hours: M- F 8-2 p.s.t.

LIMITED SUPPLIES-Availability: first come first served / Can change hourly.

The Largest Tillandsia Nursery in North America



Frank Messina

Tillandsia International

43714 Road 415

Coarsegold CA 93614



Phone 559-683-7097

Fax 559-658-8847

Swapping Shop Talk at the Slop Shop

I sit alone upon a hill, green grass overhanging rock outcrops, a row of fence posts marching down the slope, their steps frozen in single file, held together by wire.

A few spring flowers push up out of the dead brown patches where cows once grazed and left their marks.

Hieroglyphic lichen patterns hold the landscape fast.

Cloud shadows flow across the hills and valleys below.

I am home.

Home am I.

Happiness and freedom far from the cabin in the woods.

Wandering the countryside.


This is my universe, my place of rest, the activity of ions and atoms busy out of sight right here in front of me.


A sunny breeze tickles the tops of grass stalks.

My steps disappear behind me and reappear in front of me.


Farmhouses in the distance.


Time for a randomised blog entry

Despite promises of spam filtering, my blog comments section is prefilled with spam.

Presented to you below for your reading pleasure is a compilation of random spam in the order I received the comments, which has a symmetry about it that I can hardly describe without laughing at the seriousness of it all, like recording snippets of conversation in a public place and expecting to figure out the mystery of life…


I must say, as a good deal as I enjoyed reading what you had to say, I couldnt aid but lose interest following a even though. Its as in case you had a amazing grasp on the subject matter.

The following time I read a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my option to learn, but I really thought youd have something fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you might fix in the event you werent too busy looking for attention.

The subsequent time I learn a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my option to read, but I truly thought youd have one thing attention-grabbing to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you may fix in the event you werent too busy looking for attention.

i love your posts, but i like this one more than the others, so i read it all over again

hoe versier ik een man

All my best memories come back clearly to me, some can even make me cry.Someone is ringing the bell.The figure seems all Right.Had it not been for the alarm clock she wouldn’t have been late.He led them down the mountain.There are mice next to the refrigerator, under the sink and inside the cupboard!There are mice next to the refrigerator, under the sink and inside the cupboard!He fell behind with his work.The wall has ears.The weight is too much for my height.

How to Make an Easy as well as Flavorful Brown rice

This place is in key Spain southern region of The city renowned worldwide for the escapades of Put on Quixote tilting with windmills. It’s a region associated with extremes using bitterly cold really winds blowing across an enormous large plateau in the extremely freezing winters as well as blisteringly hot dry out summers.

To find to know more in relation to saffron, read the portion below. You can be amazed at what you thought you actually knew, and the wonderful you did not.

Interestingly, this kind of place had been flourishing just as one art middle from the best time. Perhaps till some time ago, this position enjoyed excellent patronage of residents who treasured art and it also still proceeds to do so.

After harvest time, the farmers independent the reddish stigma as well as roast these on a sieve – this produces the saffron many of us use intended for food preparation, fabric coloring as well as medicinal purposes. In the city of Consuegra, the Fiesta de are generally Rosa del Azafran commemorates the end of harvesting season. Every year at the end of October, music as well as dancing populate the roadways to celebrate a very good season. Azafran would be the Spanish phrase for saffron.

Peel and carefully chop the onion. Warmth the butter as well as oil within frying pan as well as fry the peeled and killed garlic as well as onion until golden. Create curry and cumin as well as cook intended for 2-3 minutes.

Grading of saffron [] is done according to coloration, floral waste content as well as foreign matter. There are a few grades associated with saffron: Mongra contains top most aspects of dried stigmas. Lacha is a component of preconception with type. Gucchi contains total stigmas with type tied within bundles.

The reason why saffron is so much will that it is the stamen of a flower that requires to be chosen by hand. This stamen is part in the central aspects of a flower. Namely the spot that the plant pollen is placed on to fertilise the flower. Just about every flower simply contains a few of these stamens which can be 5 to 2 cm extended and a few associated with millimetres wide. If they’re dried they can be even smaller and lighter!

Saffron Crocus belongs to the fall-blooming group. This flowers and leaves begin to seem at the same time, usually around October. The grass-like foliage eventually achieve a length associated with 1-1 1/2 feet, though the 1 1/2-2 inch wide flowers increase barely in excess of an inches above the soil. The aromatic flowers are lavender or perhaps reddish-purple with dispersing petals. This styles currently have three extended blood-red, drooping, preconception lobes, from which the yellow saffron spruce is gathered. The anthers are also bright yellow-colored but are not a source of the spruce.

Turmeric acidic tomatoes taste awesome. I modified this formula from a formula in the late great Barbara Tropp’s guide ‘China Moon’. If you like Chinese food have a copy associated with her guide as the tasty recipes are out of this world. Barbara Tropp offered this formula a Chinese twist even so replaced the woman Chinese substances with things that are used within Indian cooking. The result is a fresh tasting salad that really is among my in history favourites.

Some people believe that saffron has many health benefits. You’ll find claims of which digestion might be greatly enhanced and that the spice is often a tremendous detoxing agent. It has also been confirmed as a highly effective aphrodisiac in many china cultures.

This can be due to it is powerful odor.

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The Yellow Leaves of Autumn

Looking through the dusty bedroom window in the late morning sunlight, I saw yellow, lots of yellow…

Dirt and dust from Plains’ states, a plain state of dirt and dust, plane wood, plane wings, stated simply, plainly, mainly.

A hunter’s paradise, a Halloween scene, a setting for a Sorcerer soundtrack, a story tinged with subplots from “Special/RX.”

What about Collins by Samuel Johnson?


While we wait for the launch of the balloon/capsule combo that will take Felix Baumgartner to a 23-mile jumpoff altitude, we pause to reflect on the activities of our species elsewhere:

  • Children are born
  • Bombs are set off in street bazaars
  • Flowers bloom from planted seeds
  • Families gather for reverent reasons
  • People suffer smashups on highways
  • A person learns to read
  • Someone dies from an accidental injection of meningitis
  • A phone rings

A song for the moment.

Like money for donuts

The hickory trees had a good year producing offspring…don’t know if it’s the best year (that is, if it’s the biggest crop (that is, most number of nuts, or largest nuts)) but some of the nut casings almost fill my palm, which doesn’t often happen.

The squirrels are having a hay day, as we say.

The raccoons seem pleased, too.

None of the chickadees or titmouses seem to care.  We don’t have any other bird species large enough or with strong-enough beaks to treat hickory nuts as a major food source.

The peace and quiet of a cool, sunny, autumn morning in north Alabama is priceless.

The trees and the birds and all the other flora/fauna around me have thrived in the climate change despite period droughts and warmer winters.

What about the ones who haven’t thrived?

We had a few years where the tree frogs around here deafened us with their summer mating calls.

Now, not so many.

Armadillos swept through a few years ago, unable to establish a permanent colony in the woods around my house.

Same for the fire ants.

The ecosystem of a deciduous forest…sigh, this is my home.

Why?  I guess because I was born in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, even though I spent a couple of my formative years in the inner flatlands of southern Florida.

Primarily, though, I have lived within a few-hours drive of the Appalachian mountain range, which few people know stretches from Georgia all the way up the East Coast into Maine.

On a day like today, this is all I have to say and observe.  I have no need to perpetuate the thoughts and ideas of others wanting my attention.

I am, after all, happy being myself, and that is a word to the wise, which is sufficient.

Have a great day, my little chickadees!

What does one do with a 32MB USB flash drive in a TB world?

Got my 100GB camera today — don’t need a zoom lens any longer!

I installed the camera in the front grille of my wife’s Toyota Camry.

Inconspicuous.  Another family car in another family-friendly shopping district.

Let the camera take random photos.

After marveling at the sharp details of carparks and tyres, I set the supercomputer to analyse the photos for trends.

There, before my eyes, were animals adapting to human behaviour, habits that I’d seen a thousand times but never paid attention to.

For years, I’ve observed the ebb and flow of birds as the days get longer and the average ambient temperature rises.

But those were birds foraging in suburban forests.

Rarely do I sit in a carpark for days on end and see birds repeat seasonal patterns.

But a camera and computer can do for me what I wouldn’t do for myself.

This afternoon, I figured out that house sparrows not only scavenge carparks for discarded food, they look for cars dripping water from air conditioner tubing.

They hop from underneath one freshly parked car to another in summer, taking tiny sips of aitchtewoh, flapping their wings, biting and scratching insect infestations in the heat.

Birds breathe through their mouths in extreme heat, just like us.

All this time, I was wondering how to water the hanging baskets and concrete planters full of tropical trees, hostas, roses and annual flowers around our front entrance and there it was staring me in the face for years — the water drainage pipe for our heat pump!

Thank you, little sparrows, for your inspiration.

Now to hook the heat pump drainage pipe to a small reservoir, use a toilet repair kit as a depth sensor that triggers a small waterfall pump to cyclically move the reservoir water from the heat pump to the flower pots.

On/off topic, with this mega-gigapixel camera, my stack of 32-to-256 MB USB flash drives are practically useless to carry photos around.

Time to turn them into mini-OS drives for the picocomputer systems running dedicated, specialised subroutines that I’ll tell you about one day when I’m really bored and want to explain how trees and vines can become memory storage and arithmetic units if you know how to take advantage of their seasonal changes.  Chlorophyll-based batteries are the best for these low-energy, solar-powered minisuperpicocomputers.  Swaying branches generate some power but not consistently enough to keep the battery/capacitor packs charged.

Will your idea rise from the drawing board?

Can a tree leaf charge your spray-on battery?