As a writer…

As a writer I have learned to keep detailed mental notes, ordered  chronologically and thematically as life progresses (or as state changes reconfigure sets of states of energy in motion).

Or is it because I keep good mental notes, I became a writer?

Anyway, with the advent of devices such as electric typewriters, PDAs and smartphones, my brain’s storage capability expanded without any effort on my part to do more than write/type sketches of life delayed by a day or two in order to process any significant meanings or patterns to turn everyday life into a fictional storyline.

Thus, as a reminder, my short stories are fiction.

In other words, in case I forget to add it every time, imagine the stories I write have a preface:

“All of the following story is made up and the characters are fictitious. Personal events and interactions may have inspired a portion of the story but the similarities end there. All characters and storylines are of my own making and are by no means real and are not meant to represent any real person or persons living or dead.”

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