Lee tapped his smart watch which had reminded him to review the notes he’d taken years before while sitting with Guin and Trischnia, listening to their discussion of a spreadsheet that compiled the cost, investments and estimated sale price to make enough of a profit to make a living as an artist.

He looked over the notes.

In addition to making enough to sell her paintings at art shows, Trischnia learned from Guin how to calculate the expenses of a small used book store which would offer Trischnia’s artwork.

Shelmi had joined them, sharing her excitement about the Maker shop and her latest cosplay project.

It was in that moment that Lee understand he was in the Zone.

It was from that moment forward that he reoriented his compass to keep himself moving forward in the Zone, double checking with his friends along the timeline that their friendship had given him unexpectedly, a vision of an enterprise that included all 8+ billion humans…

To be continued!

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