As You Wish

Guin walked around the room, mentally measuring the space she needed.

Members of Ursa Major and Canus Major had contacted her, asking her to increase her participation in their plans.

Guin had other plans.

But plans, even in one’s private thoughts, find their way into other people’s lives.

She calculated the gravitational field she wanted to generate, solely in her imagination, out of sight of the ISSANet (or so everyone thought, ever present as social media posts or the shadows in-between).

Lee opened the closet door in the small bedroom where his upstairs laboratory disguised the labyrithine lab hidden below, accessible only through a heavily-reinforced tornado shelter trapdoor in the floor of the closet.

Neither Guin nor Lee knew what the other was doing.

But they did.

Quantum physics explained a lot of the reasons why they were connected but weren’t.

In Lee’s thoughts, the argument of a Sicilian with Dread Pirate Roberts.

In Guin’s thoughts, a young man named Westley yelling, “As you wish!”

They worked out vectors in four-dimensional space without using calculators or computers.

They built not because they thought they wanted to but because they had to.

Had to because of love.

Love where engineering, science and dancing met.

Love for each other.

Infinite possibilities in infinite directions.

True eternal love.

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