Kickstarter Update #5

Well, it has been an interesting time here at Project Xceed Xpectations.

As you may remember, or not, when last we updated you about our ongoing effort to kickstart a Kickstarter campaign, we had high hopes of showing you the latest robot-in-a-notebook prototype sketches.

Unfortunately, an argument broke out between the Creative Arts Department and the Impractical Science Department over ideas detailed by the unprofitable Engineering Design Centre.

When you manage a bunch of independent sorts who generate their own income and have no golden handcuffs, cooperation is a funny business.

But why bore you with personnel problems?

The facts are these — we were going to show you how our paper robots were going to be powered by one of three methods: a) tether, b) coin batter(y/ies), and/or c) solar cell.

Then, our buyers down in the Manufacturing Department ran into a small problem of paying our suppliers for the power parts we needed.

Never fear!  Our military veterans on staff came to the rescue.  Turns out they had friends who had connections with unnamed sources in an unmentionable country who could get us an unlimited supply of nuclear-powered energy cells if we’d just give them 51% ownership of the project.

Therefore, we’re in negotiations at this point and cannot with confidence show you our engineering drawings without knowing for sure whether we need to add a radiation shield to protect your loved ones from “batteries” with a half-life longer than your estimated full lives which would be quickly shortened based on the hazmat/MSDS sheets written in Russian Chinese Izbekistanese a nonstandard international language.

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