Russia grants asylum to gaming fanatic disguised as whistleblower

Just when you thought you really knew what was going on in the news…instead, we discover that Russia wants to groom an American as its next Angry Birds champion, now that chess winners live in the the realm of computer algorithms.


Derivative cultural artifact of the day

Your fifteen seconds of fame — three times longerWait, it’s just a bloody cultural war, isn’t it?

Overconsumption of hot-air-filled news articles won’t save your planet, silly peopleRather, it’s the bully pulpit of leaders that’ll end your freedom!

Russian dolls in Russia or CyprusNo, but we hear Arnold Schwarzenegger is laughing in his soon-to-be-autonomously-Terminated sleep.

Enough with the links.  Let’s get back to what the reluctant leader has to say next…

But first, we’ll leave you with this gravity nondefying videoView these photos with one eye while you half-listen to the video’s soundtrack.

Then ponder why the U.S. President is not so favourable in India after his SOTUS.

And, finally, the French know a good source of warm mineral spring water when they see itEven if they aren’t sure whose clothes history are fashionably whose on which head of state’s family.

Well, almost the last.  See, the Internet is just the offspring of VHS tapes (or is it Betamax?  I forget).  There’ll always be the next technology that makes stealing it so much more inviting.  Right, my cadre of hackers?

Like the person said in response to this post:

And most meat-eaters would be disturbed if they saw how their steak was killed…, most sports aficionados would be disturbed if they saw lung scans of the women coloring their Nike shirts, etc ad inf.

Yes, I do not want to work under these conditions, and I would be happy if nobody would have to (I would also be willing to pay a premium, but most people won’t or simply can’t). Still, people come to the Foxconn (and other, worse) factories from thousands of miles, because work and payments there are still better than what they could get elsewhere. Suicide rates are lower than at US universities.

None of these companies work for Apple exclusively, they work for almost every major brand (Dell, HP, Microsoft, Toshiba, etc.). None of them does even try to change the conditions and investigate them properly. Apple does. Not saying this is enough, but it’s a start. China’s industrialization and structures match what the US and Europe had in the first half of the last century. OK, we did not commit suicide, we were shot by the Pinkerton Agency.

Enjoy our planet – it’s the only one we’ve got to use as our main home…for now.

I’ve got some profit to siphon to my hidden offshore accounts, as usual.

Au revoir!

Just a position – Juxtaposition

[One more break before the story recommences]

A nod to the family of Flo Trotter, a dear friend who corresponded with me years ago, sharing her strong belief in the Christian Bible by writing letters to me containing Bible verses upon which she expanded her lifeview — Flo, you will be missed greatly.

Sitting with three cigars in front of me and a 1pint-6oz bottle of brown ale by Legend Brewing Co. of Richmond, VA, I nod, also, to the ball coach of a little university in the state of Pennsylvania, who died of lung cancer — may your children and grandchildren outlive the highs and lows of your reputation.

A little while ago, I finished listening to a live performance by the organist Gail Archer, as part of Covenant Presbyterian Church’s Covenant Concerts, in concert with the Greater Huntsville Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.  The program included pieces by Buxtehude, Bach, Schumann, Hensel, Tower and Liszt.

I took notes during the concert but left them in another room of the house where my wife sleeps.

  Summary: Archer provided the right articulation and emotional input to make every piece of music a joy in itself.  I thank her for promoting the art of organ playing — I’ve waited 25 years to hear an organ concert in the Covenant Presbyterian church sanctuary and it was well worth the wait.

I listen to her An American Idyll CD while composing this journalistic blog entry.

Meanwhile, bulky guys with uniforms bounce off each other during an NFL playoff game of little to no interest to me (Ravens and Patriots).  I’ll wait until this evening’s game to sit and eat chips, drink beer and veg out during the Giants-49ers game.

Is public education ever going to keep up with the changing economy?

Or do children, like always, find a way to make a living despite an incomplete/inappropriate childhood education?

What is Russia doing to prevent meaningful military intervention in Syria’s internal strife/killing spree between two equally brutal forces?  Better yet, why, Russia, why?  Putin, I think better of you than this.  You, too, Medvedev.

Well, commercialised football viewing calls my name.  Talk with you tomorrow, when the hesitant leader of the Committee picks up the pace of making sure the scheduled event taking place 13,984 days from now goes off without a hitch.

Like the label says, “FRESH BEER – KEEP COOL”!