A Terrorist Tower of Babble Rabble in Runes

Life is one long conversation with the universe, n’est pas?

In shocking news earlier today, the Government Subcommittee for the Management of Fear in the Masses announced that marketers, marketing departments, adverts, advertisers, advertising departments, public relations firms, newspaper/magazine/book publishers/editors/writers, film producers/makers/staff/actors, videographers, photographers, financial institutes, stock traders (human and electronic) who short shares, money lenders, librarians, museum curators and memorabilia/nostalgia collectors are officially labeled as traitorous terrorists — they should be considered extremely dangerous to the wellbeing of all persons, businesses and governments and reported to death squads without hesitation.

Any activity resembling the above, no matter how innocent, including geotagging your location at a place of business, writing a positive/negative review of a product/service you recently purchased, commenting about the news (weather, sports, politics, religion, arts, lifestyles, etc.), or using a product/service in public is deemed suspect.

Anyone caught not reporting such suspicious activities and/or persons are accessories to traitorous terrorism and will receive extra punishment as a reward.

Every violator may be eliminated on sight, no questions asked by the authorities.

If this does not generate sufficient fear in the masses, private/government spying will increase exponentially until you look forward to dying and meeting your Maker/Great One(s), the omniscient/omnipotent Being(s) who knows all your thoughts/lusts/desires/sins/mistakes and will punish you lovingly for them, Heaven/Nirvana having been filled with the first 100,000 worshippers millennia ago as promised, no room for the rest of us, who are now merely playthings of the Maker/Great One(s).

Those who are able to create their own Maker/Great One(s) are exempt from the above law and may proceed without fear throughout society unscathed.