In an attempt to counter the competition before it comes up with an over-the-counter product under-the-table and off-the-shelf commercially, the team that brings good things to light (or was that “we bring good things to life?”), together with the team that puts the intel inside the intel inside, in conjunction with the team that promotes the tiny mouse that roars (or is that the Minnie Mouse that roars at Mickey?), has announced a new line.

Bringing back the Nosferatu in nostalgia (or is that the pleurisy in heresy? (or hypocrisy in plutocracy?)), the team of teams threw a mad dash to a flash mob and popped up a tent in the middle of Times Square (because the crash party at Tienanmen Square had already closed down that block).

They demonstrated an open source set of proprietary software modules that can be downloaded into their new line of 3D printers that will allow you to personalise your own characters that fit into a kid’s Carousel of Progress Playhouse, complete with miniature version of yourself dressed in Mickey Mouse ears (or Minnie (or Goofy (or Pluto (no, not Pluto, he’s no longer fully-qualified to orbit on the same planetary plane as the other characters)))).

For the adult in the kid in you, you can print a scale model of yourself that includes self-powered swappable body parts that are recharged wirelessly (“No more bulky power pack!  ”Your minime will automatically locate and lie down on the recharging pad just like you taking a nap to recharge if you want a full recharge!  If not, your minime will be able to remove any ‘tired’ body part and swap in a fully-charged one!”); the smallest scale version will be prewired for plugging in body parts and the largestscale version will include body parts that communicate wirelessly with each other, reducing the number of wires in the body.