A Guinea Pig for Chemistry

Even behind-the-scenes writers and not-so-fortunate fortunetellers need a break every now and then.

All afternoon, I sat in a chair at the Salon Professional Academy while a friend, Tammie, coloured and cut my hair, changing me from a white-haired guy to a ginger-haired professorial type.

Thanks, Tammie, and to your colleagues, for the fun, friendship and new hairstyle.

Now, back to the story you know will keep you in your seats…

= = =

Thanks to MailPro; Richard, Ray and Julie at Lowe’s; USPS; B&N; Jonathan at Anaheim Chili.

Congrats to the NY Giants.

Pearly gate crashers

A group of cosmetologists and astrologers held a surprise birthday party for Dr. Stephen Hawking today.

At the end of the party, the group released an official statement:

“We predict that our esteemed colleague will need a haircut and manicure before the next full moon.”

When asked about any insight into scientific breakthroughs at the LHC or other research centres, the spokesperson for AACHU (Association of Astrologers and Cosmetologists for Human Understanding) sneezed and then said, “We have no idea what the Large Haircut Centre will design next but we’re told those born under the sign of Pisces should avoid dying their hair if swirled into a bouffant style and previously dyed pink, yellow or green.  Also, avoid new relationships until the next meteor shower.”