Kickstarter Update #1

Hey, you fans out there!  Guess what?

This is the first major update on my official Kickstarter campaign.

I am totally excited because this project, which I’ll detail in a later update, is a sure winner.

I know you’ll love it.

But, before I launch the Kickstarter project, I want you to join me as I walk the path of a soon-to-be successful entrepreneur.

Success requires planning.

LOTS and LOTS of planning.

And research.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some research.

Before we get started, let’s create a folder on our Internet-connected notebook PC and call the folder something fun.

How about “Kickstarter Project Xceed Xpectations“?:

New folder

A good place to store our research.
Easiest next step, conduct an Internet search for Kickstarter business plans:

Kickstarter business plan google search


Probably the most important point about launching a project on Kickstarter is actually knowing what kind of projects you can launch on Kickstarter.  Not exactly rocket science here but it pays to be attentive!

Let’s jump over to Kickstarter and read some of their basic requirements:

Kickstarter guidelines


Well, good news so far.  We can fit our Project Xceed Xpectations easily into one of the categories.

But what about a good Kickstarter-based crowdfunding business plan?

By now, the Internet is well-noded with suggestions about a successful business plan but let’s just stick to two videos:

The second one first, which can be boiled down to two important details.  Yes, two again.

  • First, 90% of crowdfunded projects have met/exceeded their goals after reaching 30% of funding.
  • Second, a quick list of important tips:
    • Have a pitch video
    • Offer three or more perks
    • Update your backers and followers every few days, preferably every day
    • Post media to our gallery frequently
    • Link to your other social media pages
    • Keep the campaign less than two months old

Okay, that’s enough for today’s Kickstarter update number one.  I’ll conduct some more research and come back to you with my business plan.

I might, just might, give you a hint about the project itself.  Who knows?!