Sitting at Sidetracks, a tavern/dance hall in north side of town, sitting by myself by choice, needing some quiet somber, solo, sober time listening to an unknown jazz band from Birmingham named Tragic City.

Wondering what’s next….

Choosing to be unreliable and unpredictable in my personal relationships has its costs.

Do I know what they are and if not/so, am I willing to pay them?

The crowd here at 23:30 is sparse.

A few young couples on dates.

Some jazz nerds, including local kids from North Jackson High School.

Bar flies.

I’m in my nerdy writer mood, my typewriter this smartphone.

Tomorrow at this time I’ll drive to my overnight shift at the local community blood bank, remembering a film with Michael Keaton and the Fonz.

Not that I plan to turn my night shift work onto pimping. Lol

No, it’s more that I can help save lives and work on a new comic dance video.

That’s my true love.

A solo artist who likes to dance in public.

Who appreciates the artwork of fellow creative types, no matter their medium.

My second love is everyone/everything else.

And boy, do they know how unreliable/unpredictable I can be in that respect.

My apologies to you retroactively and in advance, as circumstances dictate.

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