Chips and salsa

As an experiment, I asked myself what’s the difference between attention and love. Then I tested the question on myself. Who around me do I love you and who in return loves me?

Of course, the easy answer is family, including spouse.

Can we see the difference between someone loving us and someone giving us attention, especially at our most vulnerable, needy moments?

Good question.

We ought to sense the body signals that signify the difference such as the teenager who wants attention and senses the pop music star singing on stage to thousands is speaking directly to her.

But often we don’t understand ourselves let alone the unintended signals we send others.

Which brings me here, drinking a Dos Equis beer in a Mexican restaurant on south Huntsville, waiting on my wife and her work colleagues, one of whom we’ve shared dance classes (and who I helped teach WCS the first time I helped Jenn teach with me playing the role of a follow (no, autocorrect, not a dollop) — my first step into the joy of teaching dance), with whom Jenn and I had fun singing and performing with a blues singer years ago near Madison Ballroom.

The decision is not instantaneous. 

For that, I am thankful.

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