A few seconds of your tone

Guin adjusted her memory filter, choosing “Eidetic” for tonight’s star viewing.

Lee joined her in the star chamber.

Laying back on cushions, they smiled at each other, happy after an afternoon break spent dancing in the Martian gravity, never tiring, even after centuries of Earth time had passed, to spin and leap, tossing and catching hours on end.

Guin passed a memory to Lee.

“Do you remember the old mills in Huntsville?”

Lee breathed deeply, the pungent smell of raw, wet cotton filling his nostrils, his lungs feeling heavy with dust, sweat and cobwebs.

“Like it was yesterday.”

Guin nodded, watching in her thoughts the day the water tower was erected in the neighbourhood, every kid anxious to climb the tallest structure in town.

“And the day the water tower fell?”

“Which one?”

“Haha. Right!”

A shower of meteorites reflected in their eyes as they looked at each other.

They closed their forward facing eyes and stopped talking with their mouths, sharing memories more quickly through the ISSANet link they shared.

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