What is creativity?

I let my many moods/personalities wander my thought trails as undisciplined and uncontrolled as I can.

In my thoughts, a character who believes only in practical, no-nonsense, utilitarianism struggles for attention with the no-worries, anything-goes, live-and-let-live ambling wanderer who believes nothing is absolute.

Giving time to both characters without a desire to balance attention to them is tougher in some moments than others.

What is true randomness in the thinking process?

How is it related to creativity?

What is the discipline to physically manifest the completion of one (of many) project(s) one mentally creates on the fly?

If it wasn’t for hunger and other body functions like the itching numbness in my buttocks, could I sit here for days at a time watching the weeds and trees grow in my yard during changing weather patterns?

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