Multiple layers of creativity?

How many layers of the creative process do you/I experience?

We experience the consumption of the creative process frequently, especially the creativity of our ancestors who invented language and others tools of our social structure — reading books, watching films/sporting events, listening to other people talking, learning through the apprenticeship method on how to mimic the use of tools to recreate something.

We constantly participate in the creative process when we rearrange words into sentences of our own, or even quoting others in the context of conversations, and when we use other tools in ways we hadn’t directly seen.

We create new tools.

We create new objects/processes with old tools.

We experience thoughts in the zeitgeist when we see/hear something and think/say, “Hey, I already thought of that or should have thought of that myself.” We are massively driven to think up the same independent inventive idea before seeing/hearing it from others.

I travel through time in my thoughts to keep me from being too much stuck in the jointly shared mass media moment. We all do.

We remember moments previously experienced and yet to be conceived in our linearly lived corporeal existence.

How then shall I ensure my future self on Mars gets as equal a stimuli-enriched existence as the one I have now?

How does one keeps the creative juices flowing?

What motivates us to go from thought to action?

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