When you know what your friend doesn’t…

Let’s, for the sake of argument, call this a hypothetical situation:

Imagine you’re a hiring manager looking for technical talent.

You spot a young man who’s smart but whose social appearance needed refinement.

You hire him.

You groom him for advancement, hoping he’ll take your job position one day.

In the process, you learn about his hobbies, meeting his wife, who expresses interest in the same hobbies but only in support of the husband.

You change jobs, recommending your exemplary employee to advance to your managerial job and he gets it.

Years pass.

You start taking dance lessons.

At a group lesson, you see a woman with a boyfriend and you tell yourself, “Hmm…she has the same name and face of my former employee.”

“Excuse me,” you ask, “do I know you from somewhere?”

“No,” she insists quietly but emphatically, “I don’t believe we do.”

You write it off as coincidence.

A few months later you go shopping with your wife out of town.

You see the boyfriend of the woman in the group dance class.  He glances at you and is gone before you can speak to him.

Then you see your former employee who confirms his wife is there.

You see her with the husband, put two-and-two together, realising the secret rendezvous you witnessed between her and her dance class partner.

You give her a knowing wink and nod.

She nods in slight shock and waves you goodbye without saying hello, seeing that you might spoil a good thing.

You blog about the secret in semianonymous language, assuming that no one involved will read this anytime soon.

Life goes on…

Love makes the world go ’round.

Affairs de la coeur keep one sane and one’s spouse innocently happy?

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