Oak leaves, river rocks and green grass

What does a body mean to you?

Last night, I sat on the toilet to take care of business, reached for the toilet paper and was attacked by the sping-loaded mechanism of a toilet paper holder. Like the proverbial spring-coiled snake in a can.

Needless to say, the toilet paper proceeded to roll across the bathroom floor, conveniently stopping on the pool of coffee I had previously spilled and promised myself to clean up after my job in the loo was finished.

Is there a medical study that show the longterm effects, positive or detrimental, of the short-term exposure of caffeinated toilet paper wiped where the sun doesn’t shine?

Speaking of which, did you know a nut institute (as opposed to an institute for nuts) sponsored study was released to the public showing the positive healthy effects of eating nuts?

Or the poll sponsored and administered by a polling company that shows polls are good for polling the public?

Lastly, whilst cheering for my favourite football team, wishing against hype and recent trends that they’d score more points than their instate (as opposed to testate) rivals, I realised that the men out there on the field had been heroes to me in my youth and inspirations to me in my middle years.

Secondly, if not first to next to lastly, I understood the unique situation in which I find myself entrusting my words and body with one woman without involving a sexual relationship is new and most unusual to me, opening up avenues of fictional territory to explore.

More as it develops…

– – – – – – – –

Thanks to Knoxville Police; El Coyote restaurant; Zach and more at Applebee’s; Sevier County wrestling team running the Petro’s concession stand; the Variety Shop; Gail and more at UBC; University of Tennessee; Hampton Inn…

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