Pieces falling off your ‘bot lately?

Cardboard, sentics, M.A.R.V.I.N., Pickle, drums, dancers, you name it, the robot has been named it and can do it.

What is “it”?  It is life itself.  The god in the machine.

And that, folks, is what we’re doing here today at the Maker Session: Robot Hacks finale — showcasing a few of the dozens of great projects that were worked on the past 18 days.

Screenshots to wet your whistle while you work on your anthropomorphic dreams!:

RobotHacksFinale-001 RobotHacksFinale-002 RobotHacksFinale-003 RobotHacksFinale-004 RobotHacksFinale-005 RobotHacksFinale-006 RobotHacksFinale-007 RobotHacksFinale-008 RobotHacksFinale-009 RobotHacksFinale-010 RobotHacksFinale-011 RobotHacksFinale-012 RobotHacksFinale-013 RobotHacksFinale-014 RobotHacksFinale-015 RobotHacksFinale-016 RobotHacksFinale-017

Thanks again to the folks at MAKE and GE.

Two observations — one, we need to get young people more involved, and two, let’s hope those who started keep the excitement going onto even more ambitious projects!

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