Does an architectural object have personality?

While verifying the code for the desktop art sculpture, I noticed that the tiny dancers/aechitectural components seemed to have personalities of their own.

For instance, take a look at this first one.  It’s a Rorschach test of its own:

The dancing mannequin has/is what? Climbed a set of stairs like an athletic Fred Astaire tap dancing in a top hat and tails? A social climber? A dreamer reaching for the stars? An astronaut on Mars constructing a new habitation module?

And what about this one?


Is the mannequin feeding the artificial flower or the other way around?

And the third example…


A dancing stage or a launch platform?

The fourth is even less obvious:


Half-built skyscraper or coloured tongue depressors glued together in a preschool class?

And, finally, the last example:


Is this a miniature version of sculpture in a metropolitan museum or the model for an upcoming music video production?

It is a robot decinstructed into its components as art — let your imagination run away with the interpretation!

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