Make: Robotic Hacks, the Robotic Experts presentation

Tonight on a Google+ Hangout, we listened to a group of robotic experts, many in the 3D DIY printing specialty, who talked about their creations:

…second installment of Robot Hacks, a Maker Session.
This will be a team presentation featuring +Michael Overstreet (I, bioloid) talking about his 3D printed humanoid robotic projects; Aaron Park (Robotis) open sourced DARwIn-mini, Dr Chi Thai (University of Georgia) and +Michael Paulishen programming the open sourced CM-904; +Erin RobotGrrl shows us RoboBrrd and her 3D printed robot; +Heriberto Reynoso (NASA) teaches kids how to build and program robots; and +lem fugitt talks about robot developments outside of the US and the application of 3D printing to robot design.

Join the conversation on the Robot Hacks community page.

Robot Hacks is the latest Maker Session presented by Make magazine and +General Electric. This 3 week program is designed to engage teams of makers around the world to participate in an open source “Robot Hacking and Making” program.

The standout image for me amongst all the cool ideas and commercial products?

A high school robotics education program:


To be clear, robotic development programs by full-grown humans is important but we old ones (say, age 35+) are merely pointing the way for the next generation.

In any case, here are some more screenshots of tonight’s presenters with their “children”:


Oops!  Technical difficulties — video echo, echo echo echoechoecho…




robot-experts-presentation-02 robot-experts-presentation-29

Thanks to everyone involved, including the behind-the-scenes people who maintain servers/routers, design webcams and otherwise keep the Internet loosely bound together across the globe and beyond!

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