The beginning of oneself as cybernetic organism

First entries in the Make: engineering notebook:

3 November 2013
Robot Hacks Maker Sessions: Cool Projects, Tutorials, Explorations & More, Maker Sessions: November 3-20
Sample materials sent by the Maker Session Team:
Two (2) engineering notebooks
One (1) 9V/650mA "wallwart" power supply
One (1) Make: magazine volume 34
One (1) Make: magazine volume 36
One (1) Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets book
One (1) Make: Ultimate Microcontroller Pack
One (1) PWM servo shield
Four (4) 9g servos
Four (4) 30 cm servo cables
One (1) Welcome letter from Sherry Huss
  • What separates the physical from the virtual?
  • What cannot be represented with augmented reality?
  • What has already been created via automaton/analog robots?

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