Scale model robot hacks development schedule

Here is Team Tree Trunk’s tentative schedule for the Robot Hacks project (assumes daily engineering notebook entries and daily check of Robot Hacks Google-plus Hangouts, with text description updating progress).

Date Milestone Description Status (TBD, Yes, No)
10/28/2013 Enter team info Yes
11/2/2013 Receive Make sample kit “Two (2) engineering notebooks One (1) 9V/650mA “”wallwart”” power supply
One (1) Make: magazine volume 34
One (1) Make: magazine volume 36
One (1) Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets book
One (1) Make: Ultimate Microcontroller Pack
One (1) PWM servo shield
Four (4) 9g servos
Four (4) 30 cm servo cables
One (1) Welcome letter from Sherry Huss” Yes
11/3/2013 Create parts inventory TBD
11/3/2013 Robotic Hacks presentation Discover the 21st Century Robot – Join us for an HOA live from Olin College in Boston as Brian David Johnson shares his vision and process in creating the 21st Century Robot and hear from the team involved in bringing Jimmy the Robot to life. Guests include: +Brian David Johnson, +Sandy Winkelman,  +Gui Cavalcanti, +Wayne Losey, David Barrett, and +Ross Mead. Yes
11/3/2013 Sketch out idea PIR and IR sensors will make five mannequin dancers follow you as you move in front of them, moving toward you as you get closer and away from you as you back away from them Yes
11/3/2013 Create schedule Yes
11/4/2013 Create Arduino project modules TBD
11/4/2013 Wire Module 1 PIR/IR sensor set TBD
11/4/2013 Program Module 1 TBD
11/4/2013 Test Module 1 TBD
11/5/2013 Module 1 refinement TBD
11/6/2013 Wire Module 2 Mannequin base rotation servos TBD
11/6/2013 Program Module 2 TBD
11/6/2013 Test Module 2 TBD
11/6/2013 Robotic Hacks presentation Humanoid robot hobbyist and enthusiast. A team presentation featuring Michael Overstreet (I, bioloid) My 3d printed humanoid robotic projects; Michael Curry (Makerbot) 3d printed DangerBall; Aaron Park (Robotis) open sourced DARwIn-mini; Dr. Chi Thai (University of Georgia) and Matthew Paulishen  (University of Georgia) programing the open sourced CM-904; Lem Fugitt (Robotdreams) Robotics outside of the US; Erin (RobotGrrl) Kennedy RoboBrrd and my 3d printed robot; Heriberto Reynoso (robotics teacher) teaching kids how to build and program robots TBD
11/7/2013 Module 2 refinement TBD
11/8/2013 Wire Module 3 Mannequin pitch servos TBD
11/8/2013 Program Module 3 TBD
11/8/2013 Test Module 3 TBD
11/11/2013 Build mannequins TBD
11/11/2013 Wire Module 4 ??? Flashing LEDs ??? TBD
11/11/2013 Program Module 4 TBD
11/11/2013 Test Module 4 TBD
11/12/2013 Full system test TBD
11/13/2013 Robotic Hacks presentation InMoov is Gael Langevin’s personal project and was initiated in January 2012 after buying a 3D printer. It’s the first Open Source life-size 3D printed robot. It all started with the design of a hand, that can be used as a prosthetic. Replicable on any home 3D printer, it is conceived as a development platform for Universities, laboratories, hobbyists, but first of all for Makers. Join Gael and Chuck as they talk about InMoov, from conception to reality. TBD
11/14/2013 Wire Module 4 Expansion??? Flashing LEDs ??? TBD
11/14/2013 Program Module 4 TBD
11/14/2013 Test Module 4 TBD
11/15/2013 Refinements TBD
11/18/2013 Refinements TBD
11/18/2013 Documentation TBD
11/19/2013 Refinements TBD
11/19/2013 Documentation TBD

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