Too many choices or not enough?

In the day and age of sports-related head concussions making the news, with more and more entertainment choices available, is it any wonder that college students only have so much patience/tolerance to stay for a whole football game when they can go back to their frats, drink, watch TV and party in ways that they can’t while inside a security-controlled environment like a modern university stadium?

I sure miss the days of storming the field after a big win and tearing down the goalposts like the years UTK beat Bama in Knoxville in 1982 and 1984.

After watching Gestapo-style display of jackbooted/helmeted security lining a field in the fourth quarter, my university-minded self of liberty-for-all certainly hasn’t desired to stay until the end of a game very much anymore.

Therefore, as university administrators are itching to generate more revenue for their sports programs, frothing at the mouth to get their money-stained hands on student seating in order to charge more money to athletic boosters and the general public, we’ll see more “outrage” officially stated in press releases like these disguised as news.


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