Modeling models in modules, modes and nodules

Giving the Creative Arts Department free rein is not, I remind them, the same as giving them free reign.

Free rain, on the other hand, is fine in limited quantities.

Today, I stopped by their cubes, covered in bubble wrap so they can throw books at each other just to duck and hear the “pop, pop, poppety pop” of compressed air escaping through sheered plastic sheeting.

I asked for an update.

After two weeks of work, this is all they had to give me:

can a robot dance the robot

Umm…I’m not prone to violent outbursts except when I’m prone to violent outbursts.

Concentrate…ommmm….meditate upon the nothingness of the universe…remember I’m not paying them anything…the Kickstarter campaign will help them recover their costs…IF THEY ACTUALLY PRODUCE SOMETHING TANGIBLE!

Okay, on to other projects.  I’ll let the Creative Arts department know I’m serious by denying them more than four mochalattafrappaccinocarpediem drinks a day.

Or should I double their intake to 24 a day?

Decisions, decisions!

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