Kickstarter Update #4

Robot-in-a-Notebook nears completion!

Today, we had planned to post the complete prototype robot-in-a-notebook for your evaluation and valuable input into the design process.

As you may have read in this or ancillary blogs, our Robot-in-a-Notebook kit will contain the following items:

  • Preprinted images on hard paper with perforated edges, indicating places for cutouts and bends
  • Bottle and/or pen(s) of Bare Conductive
  • Arduino (or its equivalent) and spare parts
  • Instructions for creating paper-based robot toys that walk, flip, flash and lift, just like the robots that you would work with at the Mars Exploration Camp, similar to the actual cybernetic beings that will help us populate Mars!
  • As a bonus, the kit will contain suggestions for taking the play set to the next level, including pointers for buying your own wireless modules and other extensions to make your robots work together, using instructions you give them manually or through a smart app on your phone, tablet or PC.

For now, in order to show you that, just because we’re behind schedule and are working an alternative path around the current schedule bottleneck, we still want you to have fun this weekend, here’s a great tutorial on creating 3D hard paper images using Pepakura.

Have a great weekend!


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