Wait less, time is here

The glow of smartphones, tablet PCs, computer monitors, TVs and car audio systems lit the eyes of billions.

“Hello, everyone!  Greetings from space!”

The craggly face and long blond hair familiar to mass media addicts filled the screen.

“This is Sir Richard Branson.  They say you can’t build castles in the sky but here I am, with my family and our wonderful pilot, living proof that if you dream it, the sky is not the limit.”

The handheld camera of a Google Glass swept around the cabin.  People floating weightlessly wore silly grins, their hair looking disheveled, some of them glued to viewing windows and the vast blackness of space burning images in their thoughts.

“Say hello, everyone!”

Various people yelled “Hello,” “Cheers,” “Hi” and “Hey there” at the same time.

“I can’t describe to you the feeling I have, knowing that I have joined, up to this point, only a few hundred lucky people who’ve called themselves by such names as astronauts, cosmonauts and taikonauts.  Today is truly historic.  No, it is, in fact, euphoric.  A simulator just can’t give you this feeling.  It’s tonnes better than floating in a swimming pool.  And the view!  Just look at this!”

He pointed his Google Glass camera at a viewing port.

The blackness of space.

The curvature of Earth.

It was all there, viewable from one window or another.

“Of course, being who I am, I won’t miss the opportunity to invite you to experience this once-in-a-lifetime ride for yourself.  Somewhere near you down on that big spaceship we call Earth is a salesperson willing to walk you through the process of qualifying for a trip aboard our SpaceShip fleet, maybe this one or perhaps one of the newer models because, as you know, demand is rising.

WOW!  WE ARE IN SPACE!  Sorry, I just had to scream that one out loud.  Anyway, because we’ve finally got the whole family on the ultimate family trip, I’m willing to say that once you’re up here, we’re not letting you back down until you take a trip through the gift shoppe.  A souvenir purchased in space is the most exclusive holiday or birthday present ever, eh?  The first 1000 people who’ve paid, passed the physical/medical examinations and taken this trip will get their very own Virgin Google Glass sets signed by me and the pilot of this virgin voyage.

“If anyone watching this broadcast right now orders while I’m up here, they will receive a replica copy of Google Glass sets and a miniature SpaceShipTwo signed by me and the pilot for a special low price only available during the next few minutes.  You should see the website address or phone number available in your country displayed on your screen right now.  Don’t delay.  I won’t make this offer again.  Or rather, not until my family and I are safely aboard the Virgin InterGalactic Bigelow Hotel orbiting Earth a decade or so from now!  But I can tell you more about that when my feet are planted on the ground after this voyage is complete.

“Pardon me while I stop to enjoy the rest of this adventure!  Whoopeee!!!”

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