The illusion of employment

I often wondered, starting back in the days when I went door-to-door selling candles, fruit and raffle tickets for my junior high school trips and Scouting adventures, what is the concept of employment?

Should an 8-year old boy selling popcorn or a 10-year old girl selling cookies be considered a part-time employee?

Does sitting at a desk waiting for instructions from your boss constitute work when you’re surfing the Web or chatting via IM with friends/family in the interim?

What about when I mowed grass and trimmed bushes as a high school teenager?  What was my employment status versus the lawn service companies that have taken away a great summer job for the teenage boy or girl?

I exercise my thoughts every day, attempting and succeeding for the most part writing a short story or commenting on the news in a daily blog/journal/diary entry.  That is my “work,” my raison d’être, regardless of monetary compensation.

So, with that in mind, I present to you the following news article that purports to have its finger on the pulse of what “employment” means.

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