When you want to love a sport but it wants you to hate it, be a good sport and say goodbye!

Growing up, I was taught to be a motorsports fan and NASCAR was the motorsports of choice in my family.

My father took me, as a child, to “minor league” NASCAR races at the local track on Friday.

My grandfather turned the TV to national NASCAR races on Sunday after church.

As an adult, I attended open-wheeled racing events with Dad but NASCAR was still a common topic between us.

However, somewhere along the way, the people who run the show at NASCAR have turned me into a NASCAR hater.  I really dislike watching the event on TV and have grown tired of the noise at a live race.

I used to enjoy rooting and rallying enthusiasm for my favorite drivers but then, somewhere along the way, the fans started yelling at each other and booing their least favorite drivers.

It was enough to turn me off from the whole show.

Then the NASCAR organizers decided to up the hate even more, pretending the races were some kind of real sport and technological regulatory nightmare in return.

So, I stopped watching.

I was glad that Richard Petty, Alan Kulwicki and Jeff Gordon were my favorite drivers.

Now, it doesn’t matter.

The headlines that pop up showing yet another female driver being a “maverick” on the racetrack or the attempt to create another non-stock-car variant of racecar turn me further from even thinking about paying attention to the driver standings or watching the races.

But they do get me to comment about my lost childhood and the joy of cheering for both local and national drivers.

C’est la vie, NASCAR.  Adios. You oversold the concept of bland racecars and pretty-boy/girl drivers — the empty seats show that those of us with limited incomes have more interesting things to do with our time and money than support your infighting and pretense with setting your rules and then proving your worth by punishing innovation within your ranks.

Richard Petty was right.  The stock car died a long time ago and would eventually take NASCAR down with it.

I laugh in your face and spit on your so-called sport. Ptooie!

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