Q: Have more members of our armed forces committed suicide in a year, much less during Obama’s whole term in office, than children have been killed in random acts of school campus violence?

Where is the outrage about that? The U.S. has invested far more in our warriors than to brush their senseless deaths under the rug of a populist president’s pet gun control issue.

According to sources, al Qaeda cheered the U.S. president’s decision to limit soldiers, planes, ships, Secret Service/DEA agents, and drones to the equivalent of seven bullets’ worth of firepower each. Russia has hinted it might seek new nuclear weapon restrictions holding the U.S. to its pledge to lower nuclear bomb capacity to the gunpowder equivalent of seven bullets.

Quentin Tarantino announced his retirement because he can no longer have access to special FX equipment that simulates more than seven bullets being fired at a time in any one film scene due to new film industry rules aligned with presidential executive orders.

Video game producers are outraged they can no longer offer their first-person shooters with weapons containing more than seven bullets.

Road construction companies were upset they will no longer have access to rock-blasting explosives stronger than seven bullets. Same for demolition crews.

The TV show “Mythbusters” was canceled due to lack of access to good destructive material.

Fireworks companies announced a run on their products as people were finding alternate means for making their own bullets, no matter how effective.

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