We decide…

We decide what the echoes in our thoughts sound like.

We decide how to arrange our days so that our exposure to the physical manifestation of others’ thoughts intersect with ours.

How many of us live in the realm of reacting to others rather than proactively leading ourselves (and others) because we choose not to ignore the distractions and interference of other’s echoing thoughts?

My days on this planet are limited.

I sympathise with the plights of others, even empathise sometimes, but your lives are not mine, your decisions are not mine, your reactions are not mine.

I do not depend on the rulings of the court of public opinion.

I do not depend on the mass marketing of unnecessary products.

I live because my thoughts are worth nurturing.

I decided long ago that the independent thoughts I had when I was five were worth perpetuating, my creativity — no matter how in-tune or out-of-tune — was worth feeding.

The only facts I have are the ones before — the Sun warms my hands while typing on this keyboard which is coated with black symbols that match the pattern of symbols I think and then type in sequence, correspondingly showing up on the flat screen in front of my eyes.

I assume so much in the thoughts that represent the previous paragraph, a whole set of subcultures exist[ed] just to support my assumptions.

I had been both unpopular and popular in primary/secondary school while mostly following the rules laid out for my peers and me.  What was important then is not important to me now — I don’t have to complete vocabulary tests and math/science assignments anymore.

I exist here in this moment you read these words and I exist 1000 years from now looking back at these words with nostalgic pining for the good ol’ days of flesh-and-blood fingers pressing down on pieces of plastic to communicate inefficiently yet effectively for the time.

How quickly our fortunes change.

Does a gust of wind prevent your sailboat from reaching the shore when you are finished having fun and sun on the water for the day?

Were any of your favourite classical music artists distracted by the news of the day while composing such “hits” as Orchestral Suite No. 3 In D Major, Bwv 1068, by Bach, Johann Sebastian?

When studying the history of our species, have you noticed the ones who stayed on a true course despite wars, political upheaval, famine and other distractions going on around them?

Events follow one after the other and always will.  We, in hindsight, tell ourselves what those events meant to us at the time and how they affect us now, setting in motion the events that follow one after the other and always will.

How disciplined am I, then, to keep telling you how the future looks back at current events when I am both in the current events and the future, my thoughts split like any good humorous writer’s?

You exist only because I believe you exist; that is, as any good thinker will tell you, how you see yourself is not the same as how I see/imagine the physical manifestation of your self which is partially a reaction to how you see/imagine the physical manifestation of me.

As a computing machine, sitting here converting last night’s spaghetti, sausage, tomato sauce and beer into a blog entry, I follow a course of action as true as any other in placing a paving stone for you to follow behind, you who can only be a projection, my image of you, the imaginary reader led by the computational writer while the piano music of Claude Debussy tickles my eardrums.

Put aside your distractions and step into the future once again…

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