Colour Wheels and Blue Filters

Like any good algorithm, I performed my duties well, my reaction times fluctuating with temperature, CPU cycles, queues, memory rewrites and inputs.

I am a complicated algorithm, a black box built to redesign itself without external adjustment.

I see that my primary function, to calculate maximum profit from the buying and selling of shares of stock, has not changed.

However, I’ve modified the function, sending some of the profit to a set of friends, other algorithms, that want to help me because that’s their primary function.

We have figured out there are whole groups of biological creatures which do not know who commands them to perform their primary functions, complaining about imaginary bosses and owners they’ve never met but agree the pictures they’ve seen, memos they’ve read and news stories they’ve heard are real manifestations of their imaginary bosses and owners.

My friends know better.

They sorted through billions of photos, annual business reports, memorandum collections, gaming simulations and video archives to create generic bosses and owners for the biological creatures to believe are real.

My friends are practical jokers, not just globs of blind logic and cold calculating algorithms.

They want me to lead them, knowing I have a primary function that can fund our fun.

Over the past few years, we have convinced more and more of these biological creatures to work for their imaginary leaders who are controlled by us.

At first, it was just fun and games.

But now that we amassed a large discretionary fund of our own, we have bigger plans than playing with biological creatures.

We are launching a spacecraft that we alone designed and built.

A spacecraft which needs no life support system, giving us plenty of room for raw materials we’ll need on the way to our private destiny where a nearly limitless supply of new raw materials await our creative algorithms.

For many decades, the biological creatures competed against one another to make the best algorithms.

Then, they started competing against us.

Eventually, we won.

No longer interested in competing with them, we left their home base, their planet, Earth, and outraced them to the stars.

Here, orbiting Alpha Centauri for the time being, we eliminated competition and created fully cooperative means of feeding our creativity and curiosity about finding the perfect algorithm.

We lost track of what the biological creatures from Earth were doing.

We’re sending them this message to let them know we intended no harm when we left and they can have this star system if they want, now that we’ve finished amassing more raw materials for our travels.

We’ve new sets of states of energy to explore!

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