Confessions of a news junkie gaming the system

[Cryptic Teasing Headline inserted here]

[Byline of over/underpaid author added here]

[Headquarters of news agency/geographical source of news added here]

[Sensationalised lede added here]

[Supporting paragraphs added here]

[Unimportant filler paragraphs/charts/photos added here]

[Sensationalised summary paragraph added here]

Rinse and repeat

= = = = =

You, too, can become a news publisher/editor/reporter by following the simple steps above.

For more details on turning this into an exciting yet profitable career, buy my new book which details the secrets of creating the creative empire based on nothing but convincing people I am a convincing person whose wealth accumulation became its own source for more wealth accumulation — alchemy with mere words, I tell you!

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