The Metrics of Success

Tonight, after our private dance lesson with Joe at KCDC, I joined my wife at the Jackson Center to celebrate her new company’s 10th anniversary in business.

Of all the stats they named, one stood out the most — combined charitable giving, between the company (~$400k) and employees (~$1.1M), has been around 1.6-million American dollars to the community.

I learned a long time ago never to lecture people about their responsibilities for charitable contributions.

We develop our own habits of helping others — sometimes a simple smile or pat on the shoulder, sometimes a 100-million dollar university endowment.

Or we may scowl at the whole world and return to our solitary meditation in Quonset huts deep in the wilderness.

I give away my ideas for consumption/contemplation by the whole species — a gift with no value or debt attached.

For instance, movie aficionados question the quality of remakes because the originals were just so hard to match.

Well, there’s at least one film that was so bad to begin with that investors are urging Ben Affleck, on the chance his new movie, “Argo,” will be a hit, to let a director take a shot at
remaking “Gigli.”

Rumours say that Amanda Bynes has been terrorising fellow drivers on the streets of LA to prove she’s tough enough to act the J-Lo part in the remake.  Several Indian actors have hinted they are rough enough to reprise the role of Gigli.

We’ll see.

Meanwhile, for a brief moment of semi-sanity, American football fans applauded the return of the “zebras,” better known as nearsighted field referees, to the NFL.

The Atlanta Braves, an all-American baseball team, hope the magic of “Trouble With The Curve” will propel them deep into the postseason playoffs this year.

Can Sarah Brightman sing her way to heights that Felix Baumgartner can only dream of?

I have neglected our scientists glued to their desks in the subterranean b-b-basement chambers for too long.

Let us visit them and see if they have answer to the question, “When does a set of smartphone users with their portable handheld computers disguised as telecommunication instruments allow the use of the networked devices as a virtual supercomputer during idle CPU cycles?”

Me, with my Bluetooth keyboard and large LCD monitor, I’ve just about given up the use of a desktop/laptop PC, carrying my equivalent of an OQO in the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Next on the list: synching the smartphone to my brain interface for better multitasking, spinning off calculations to the dedicated hardware device that displays results in my third eye, an audiovisual hybrid developed just for this new me who had to train myself to respond to a new “language” that doesn’t interfere with my normal functions within polite society.

Rewiring myself from the “reptile” brain on up has been a tiring task but one well worth all the risks so far.

Duplicating this reconfiguration via genetic code remapping will be the greatest challenge with the personal stem cells my scientists created for me to play god (note the lowercase).

Creating a genetic one-off experiment of self is the safest route at this point in our knowledge base.

Well, that’s all for now.  Time for a chemical bath to wash off all the symbiotic “germs” and see how a “virgin” self responds to the environment.

Then take “Looper” for a spin on a Möbius strip.

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