Where D.O.A. meets the French Lieutenant’s Woman at The Hours in a Glass-like film score

My wife wanted a chick flick in exchange for attending the UT Men’s Football game with me this past weekend so we sat in a theatre provided by Regal Entertainment and watched “The Words” this afternoon.

Again, I’m at the age where one storyline blends into another, one soundtrack sounds like a previous one and actors’ role are rehashed or recast in one big blur of motion after years of celluloid clicking by and, now, digital imagery indistinct from analogue dialogues.

Too much cellulose, perhaps?

Is DFW a person’s initials or an airport code?

I can’t remember, was it Franzen or Lehrer who was accused of plagiarism?  Or was it faking one’s death? Or joining college students by the millions in cheating on exams?  Or creating the unethical marketing campaign for the Nokia Lumia 920 that failed the newspaper test miserably?

What’s the difference between a person wearing a hidden earpiece and receiving instructions/corrections for/to what that person said and a person wearing an augmented reality/enhanced memory unit?

Will we know when our leaders are not quite human?

When will the first Paralympian or injured soldier have a brain prosthesis and carry enough name recognition to become a publicly-elected leader?

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you your one and only multiheaded committee-within-a-world-leader, Steve Austin IV!!!!” [Cue sound effects from The Six Million Dollar Man]

But first, a recap of the film, Chariots of the Gods…sorry, I mean, Chariots of Fire.

Now, back to your constantly-interrupted search on the Internet for that elusive thought in the back of your thoughts that you thought you’d remember if you just…

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