A Confession To Make

I have a confession to make.

For several months now, my wife and I have been listening to the Harry Potter book series on audio CD while we’ve ridden together in my wife’s Toyota Camry.

Tonight, we finished the last CD of the last book, coincidentally in the first full week of release of a film starring Daniel Radcliffe.

No more ‘arry Potter voice impersonations by Jim Dale, a great reader and probably the best parent a kid could have read a book at bedtime.

Now I can get back to writing the life of seven billion without having a mental comparison of my writing against that of the children’s book author, J.K. Rowling.

Of course, my wife and I will ride in unusual silence when together in her car.

Time to return to the story where my contacts around the world feed me their autobiographical snippets that often involve us common folk and sometimes the lives of those who claim to be our leaders.

Together, we can tell it like it really is, no matter how messy, uninspiring or truly coincidental, and not how others would have us rewrite the narrative of our lives into so-called biographical/purposeful history.

All while leaving space for us to have hope and plan for a better future.

My job here’s not to be popular or well-liked.

In fact, it’s not a job at all.

It’s who I am.

Who I say I’m meant to be.

Just like the other seven billion of us, eh?

BTW, I went to the doctor’s office earlier this week to see about a viral infection called bronchitis and was prescribed an antibiotic.  If nothing else, I guess I’m “curing” my GI tract.

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