Little birdy

Thx to Penny, Rainy, Ferdie, and Rich at Thai Garden — Rainy, we’ll show up to play badminton with you soon!

Thx to the crew who keep the Big Cove greenway cleaned of debris; Wiregrass Construction Company; people who post tunes to YouTube.

Thx to the USPS office on Governor’s Drive; Jennifer of UAH Alumni Association.

Drawing of the day

Last night, my wife and I ate in Thai Garden, a local restaurant featuring food styles of SE Asia.

At a nearby table, a couple sitting near the window reminded me of some retrofuturistic social rebels celebrating a recent victory by having a romantic dinner together.

So, of course, I had to draw them on a paper placemat while I had a St. Valentine’s Day romantic evening with my wife:

"To the Revolution!" "To us!"


My wife’s 50th birthday cake, using her favourite kid’s toyline theme, Helly Kitty:

A nod to Gift, Eric, and Noina at Thai Garden; Cheryl, DJ and Sam at Publix; the friendly faces at Walmart, including Roy (miss having you at the front door and sorry to hear Walmart is fading out the greeter role, becoming just another bland/faceless warehouse/big box store); ziiplight’s photo blog.