In recalling the slightly unmentionable moments of my Boy Scout years, I remembered a phrase that Joey (the tickler) used to describe himself: polymorphously perverse, because, he admitted, he liked the thrill of tickling girls and boys his age and looking at their reactions.  He also liked being tickled.

Funny, how quickly a childhood can be forgotten and remembered.

Time for lunch — fresh peaches (first of the season!), fresh strawberries (last of the season!), potato chips, potato chip butter (i.e., sour cream) and a hummus sandwich.

Have a great day!  I have books that wait to be read and I an urge to read them.

Any Wonder, One Hit, Two Hits, Three Hits, Four

I was told yesterday that the Rutles are getting back together and recording a new studio album.  Rumour has it that they plan to name their album “Minus One for Tea – Before It Becomes Minus Two,” releasing it in either audiocassette or 8-track tape format exclusively.  One band member allegedly insists that publishing the album in parlour pump organ sheet music is the only route to eternal infamy, but not necessarily success.

Also, protesters have assembled their own list of the Seven Wonders of the World:

  • The world’s largest potato chip
  • The world’s largest open pit mine
  • The world’s smallest inbred dog
  • The world’s most inept government because it actually operates at a profit
  • The world’s least useful technological achievement that still made its inventor a gazillionaire
  • The world’s longest running protest movement that doesn’t achieve anything worthwhile, nor plans to
  • The world’s most creative business card that still did not generate any new leads
  • The world’s first bullet point listing the eighth wonder of the world which does not exist because eight is seven plus one and, as you know, one is is the loneliest number…