A musical note

The thing about getting older — a three-year old talking about when she was two, or a 51-year old talking about when he was 14 — is the mental taste, the texture, the feel of the memory.

We can consider ourselves fortunate to be alive during our times or not.

I am fortunate.

I got to hear some of the jazz greats while they were alive, even if they were past their prime and out of the mainstream media spotlight.

My memories feel so good!

And one set of those memories centers on the brass section.

Hey, I was a baritone horn player (and euphonium, too!)…what can I say except I’m biased toward cold mouthpieces and valved musical instruments?

Take some of these jazz players I heard, regardless of instrument — Sun Ra, Pete Fountain, for instance.  They were all great.

But the trumpet…well, it’s a special instrument.  Sure, I’ve written about this before but some topics are worth remembering again and again, especially hearing live performances.

Maynard Ferguson

Doc Severinson

and now John Harner.

Imagine the ones I’ve/you’ve missed.  The best thing about missed opportunities?  Well, more room for opportunities ahead of you!   The legacy continues, thank goodness.

One more time — Maynard Ferguson!