Surf’s Up!

Lee and Guin lay on their backs and looked up at the stars.

“We did it!”

“Yes, we did.”

“So many people have come and gone in your life.  Do you ever wonder why you’re with somebody, wherever you are?”

“Hmm…” Guin rolled her head and looked at Lee’s right ear, barely visible in the near-darkness of the habitation module skyview room.

“I mean, here we are, light-minutes from Earth, making up new constellations to adjust for Mars’ orbit, giving Shadowgrass new myths to share on the ISSA Net…”

“Yes, it seemed impossible not so long ago.”

“Think of your dreams.”

“You mean antigravity?”

“Well, sure, that’s one of them.  It seemed impossible not so long ago.”

“We were so stuck on the idea of the ‘anti’ that we forgot about the property of gravity waves, didn’t we?”

“We?  It was you who made the discovery, not me or Shadowgrass.  But, hey, if you want to include us…”

“Haha.  Of course I do.  Without you here, without your support, bouncing ideas off me, offering constructive criticism…”

She looked at the stars again.

They had another dance exposition to give the current round of tourists before they could go to Guin’s expanded lab and work out the details of her astounding new discovery about antigravity.

She wanted to concentrate on a few practical applications while Lee, ever the excessively creative type, using his humour to magnify the normal into the ridiculous, wanted to work out how to change Mars orbit using Guin’s mechanical engineering background and mathematical skills to work out how to “surf” Mars across gravity waves.

If her antigravity theory was correct, space travel would never be the same.

The dangers of planetary surface landing would diminish to practically zero — if so, think of all the energy credits she could bank on expanding her lab further!