Who needs integrity when racing cars for a living?

As a member of AARP, I’m mighty durn unhappy about the turn of events in NASCAR.  We’ve always joked in our family that Michael Waltrip should have been punished a long time ago as the guy who always seemed to have a spare part fall off/out of his car for a convenient caution in days gone by, indicative of bad parenting and poor brotherly advice.  The kid has grown up and leant his just-because-it’s-legal-doesn’t-make-it-right disregard for ethics and integrity to the drivers in his stable.

In other words, business as usual for the Waltrip family, tarnished with the same rusty brush as some of them Wallace boys.

Don’t matter none ’cause we got no reason to watch them cheaters try to win it all for the sake of a bunch of empty seats, lowered ticket sales and reduced merchandising that’s become the Race for the Chase to the Basest Behaviour.

Why, if I was their children, I’d hide my head in shame while signing a legal document giving me all of my father’s earnings, cutting his wife (their mother) out as an accomplice to the crime.

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In other news, thanks to Degarious at Taco Bell; Jenn at Madison Ballroom; Eric, Sarah, the host, and kitchen at Chili’s; Jay, Kelley, Josh, Dana and Anna at DBA; Jodi, kitchen, Jenn, Stephane, and Patrick at Club Rush.