The only way to get used to seeing myself is through YouTube video?

As one of God’s Frozen Chosen, I’m learning to loosen up a little.  Here’s a video, shot by my wife, assembled by yours truly, of me dancing with two of my favorite instructors, Abi Leggette and Jenn Nye, who are hoping to have me loosened up and making some seriously fun moves on the dance floor in time for a showcase on the 21st of August:

I’ve lost 22 pounds since the beginning of the year so they are getting me trim and fit, if nothing else.

As Jenn said last night, “Smiley face!  Loosen up!”  In other words, use the strength of my core, let my arms relax.  And so, at the end of video, we couldn’t stop laughing.

If I get up the courage again, I might post the second place performance by Abi and me in New Orleans last month.