The Cameron and Clegg Show

A friend’s facebook status* easily sums up the Cameron screwup at the EU conference, with Sarkozy making the following comment, you can imagine:

“Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries”…Watching the French taunting of the silly English k-niggits. Gotta love me some Python!

Life imitating art, or something like that.

Tonight, while sitting with Chuck, Sharon, Janet, Steve and my wife at my wife’s office Christmas party, I pondered the universe and my place as reluctant leader of the Committee…

When my wife is too tired to dance and the room is full of lovely ladies willing to dance, why am I sitting at the table writing in my pocket Moleskine?

When senior leaders walk the crowd to show off their ties in hopes of winning the ugliest tie contest, why is the latest supercomputer output sitting unread in my home office?

Do you have your finger on the pressure valve of your subculture?  Are you citizens easily placated?

Can you tell the difference between the two clones, Cameron and Clegg, the Yin and Yang of British politics?

Thanks to AC and Rachel at Walmart, the staff at the Huntsville Marriott, the Huntsville police on patrol, and the coordinator(s) of the Torch Technologies Christmas party.

A group of my work colleagues are happily celebrating the official receipt of their U.S. patent number.  I’ll help them with specifications and marketing docs because I believe in their faith in themselves.

As Richard Branson said, helping others is what we do best.  Profit is the aftereffect of a life well lived.

Sorry I missed Christabel and the Jons last night — my wife was too ill to dance so I stayed with her, watching a college football game while she make homemade holiday gifts for friends.

Back to the supercomputer output — time waits for no report that feeds on the report that fed on itself iteratively.  Should I buy a [Flash] Gordon style supercomputer to put in the attic and displace the raccoons?

Is it just me or are the Nobel Peace Prize winners getting younger and younger?  When will a newborn child, the result of genetic reengineering, receive the Nobel Peace Prize and Time IoT Object of the Year award within days of birth?

Thanks to Coleen Monroe, *Kimberly Lewis, Elexa Rose, all the new friends on facebook, and the guy at Walmart who plans to raise a flooded houseboat tomorrow (the whole thing about 12/20/2011, though, will pass in a little over a year, and society will move on to the next great prediction of doomsday, as it always has and always will, because of the need to feed our survival traits when things are generally going well for some but not others (i.e., all the time), a favourite subject for those in public (e.g., politicians) who want your attention AND your money/time/investments/labour credits).

Ever wonder why no one seems to talks about acid rain anymore?