Cat snacking

Our precious little cat, Erin, a 14-year old Cornish Rex, eats crunchy snacks with his remaining teeth and sits on my lap.  Both his ears are curled after recovering from big blood clots never fully diagnosed (no visible scratch sites from fighting and no mites or other infestations).  He has permanent vertigo, his world constantly spinning, making him walk/stumble with his head turned sideways.

Erin was as surprised as I was to learn that the Federation of Planets, its current headquarters a satellite circling our Moon, issued an emergency passport to Edward Snowden.  The FoP, if you remember, issued its honorary first passport, No. 0000000000000000000000001, to Galileo Galilei and its second to Leonardo Da Vinci, but clearly said it shows no favoritism toward Italy, issuing its third honorary passport to a group of amino acids found inside a meteor that crashed in Antarctica a long time ago but was recently discovered and immediately classified as ultra top-to-bottom secret by the corporate-owned country that sponsored the expedition.

The FoP is in negotiations with the Russian Federation to send a special launch to the International Space Station with Snowden on-board, hoping the ISS will be the first official embassy of the FoP while Moon and Martian headquarters are being designed and constructed.

Meanwhile, Snowden continues his astro/cosmonaut training within a hidden facility of the Moscow airport.

The Chinese government will neither confirm nor deny that it has made room for FoP diplomats in its new space station.

As the morning sun warms the sunroom, Erin hops off my lap and heads to a chair under the skylight, a hint for me to step outside and work on the foundation for the new privacy fence.

Between here and fraternity

Am I any better today than I would have been had I no simultaneous access to notebook PC with second monitor and Internet connection, portable phone connected landline with Caller ID, and mobile smartphone with Internet connection and variety of apps?

These devices feed my brain’s wiring more than the rest of my body — I can’t eat the phone(s) or computer very easily and wouldn’t get much nutrition if I could.

These devices help generate income for myself and those with whom I communicate.

Income, or labour/investment credit, buys us opportunities.

Now that we have virtual communities with virtual money, what do we do with our virtual opportunities?

The perpetrators and victims of cyberwar don’t care about gender or sexual preference.

This notebook PC doesn’t know if I’m a cybernetic organism typing on the keyboard.

As always, the tree outside has no idea what any of this means, breathing in the air and soaking up the nutrients that we share with it in our planetary ecosystem.

If a bunch of people sat together with robots and remotely operated mining gear on this planet, the Moon, Mars or an asteroid, how do we profit?

What is the value of friendship between us, in other words?

How much material on the International Space Station is never used?

How much material on a remote mining outpost is no longer usable?

Hundreds of millions, billions, of dollars represent the investment in space probes that no longer work on the surface of the Moon and Mars.

A single drop of an astronaut’s urine has intrinsic value, does it not, its investment in research, development, training, maintenance and nutrition worth more than its weight in gold?

What is a single drop of your blood worth to society?

What is it worth to you?

[Copy to be inserted into e-brochure]

Welcome to the wonderful world of space travel.  The package you have selected includes the following itinerary:

Days 1-7: Orientation — physical fitness examination, G-force simulation routines, safety procedures

Days 8-9: Travel to first destination — launch from spaceport, short G-force experience followed by two days of weightlessness, sightseeing from viewing ports, preparation for docking

Day 10: International Space Station excursion — shuttles will take those who paid for this 8-hour tour of the ISS, starting with a quick Q&A session between you and the ISS crew members (subject to crew member availability; specific crew members requests cannot be made at this time), introduction to the features of at least two modules and more as time permits

Days 11-12: Travel to Bigelow Space Hotel — in-flight entertainment includes an acrobat show, singalongs and 3D roulette wheel gambling, not to forget the 24-hour freeze-dried food buffet!

Days 13-19: Your ultimate destination for luxury space accommodations, BIGELOW SPACE HOTEL!!!  During your stay, your personal assistant — programmed to look like the person of your choice, including a wide range of celebrities or a “friend” from your past — will provide anything and everything you want to make your stay the guaranteed most wonderful experience of this or any of your previous/next regenerated lifetimes!

Days 20-21: Return to Earth.

Days 22-24: Gently reintroducing you to the drudgeries of your daily life, including Earth’s painful gravitational pull, global warming and overcrowding, just enough incentive to get you to book your next trip with us very, very soon!  We guarantee it because we have your personality profile on immediate e-memory recall!