Postscript side notes

In a postscript side note, it is interesting to observe fearmongers say the sky is going to fall should the government of the United States of America default.

Speculation is an interesting art, if not a science.

In today’s global economy, how important is a government, even one like the U.S.’s, to the average person who doesn’t think in terms of national identity anymore?

What if we let one government default on its loan payments?

What if we prove that a government’s debt obligation is not a necessary component, a relic of the days of the nanny state?

I look forward to the U.S. government defaulting, showing the economic celebrities like Warren Buffett and Christine Lagarde that life goes on, regardless.

People are resilient.

We change, sometimes slowly, reluctantly, complaining bitterly, and sometimes happily, embracing the temporary chaos that change causes.

We shall see, won’t we?  hehehe