Abi and I agree on dance costumes?

Abi…there’s something about her that I haven’t been able to put my finger on until this afternoon.

We stood and held hands for probably 20 minutes while talking with Traci.  I haven’t held hands like that with another woman since…well, since 1978?

I mean just standing there hand-in-hand, not cuddling or thinking about what’s next.

And then it dawned on me!  Abi is the same height as Robyn, my girlfriend from high school.

So it’s only natural that Abi and I should wear the same outfits I did with Robyn lo those many years ago at a Halloween party.

Abi, I’m game if you are, you sassy girl — assuming Stephane will loan me some timeshare moments with you next week, that is!  I promise not to drop you on the floor, IF AND ONLY IF you let me sit on your lap.