13,779 days to go…

Sigh…do you ever get bored with your species?

The same habits, day after day?

Eat, sleep, etc.?

As a comedic storyteller, I choose to entertain myself here in a common language of our species.

I suppose my thoughts aren’t much different.

For instance, what is hair?  I wandered between two discount hair cutting joints today — Cuts By Us and Great Clips — picking one that had fewer customers in the moment.

I suppose, for all that it matters, I could cut my own hair, not tied to fashion but dressing in common fashions of this time habitually anyway.

Maybe a mullet haircut, clipping the hair I can reach and letting the part I can’t reach grow long and unkempt.

Or a buzzcut, using an electric razor to keep my hair cut flush with my scalp.

Instead, I wander over to one of the three nearest hair/beauty shoppes (the other being Walmart) to reduce my travel time (yes, I drive a mile to get my hair cut, as concerned about caring for the environment as the next average person with a motorised transportation device on four tyres and extra cash to convert to motor fuel, rather than walk).

I am spoiled but not over-spoiled.

The 15-day land/cruise tour with Holland America taught me that much.

I’m not used to people waiting on me 24 hours a day, sleeping nearby and ready to jump up in the middle of the night to care for me.

I’m used to people working in 24-hour convenience stores, half-awake nearby and ready to ring up my middle-of-the-night food purchases without a care for me.

I live in a cabin in the woods, tending my thoughts like tending a garden, watching a whole galaxy swirl around me/you/us on a planet in a spiral arm, enjoying this brief moment of planetary/solar system calm, completely spoiled by the luxury of our surroundings, no matter how bleak they may appear in comparison to other parts of this planet.

We just don’t know how lucky we are, spoiling our environment to increase our relative luxuries.

Should I care?

Should you?

Would it matter if our actions today created detrimental effects 100 years from now when most of us are gone (argon, the gas, still around either way)?

There’s no guarantee I’ll be alive tomorrow, the next day or the next decade.

Should I care about preserving the environment, or should I say, “Hey, eat, drink and be merry!”?

I think I’ll continue to conserve my resources in case I live a few decades longer than this moment.

I have no legacy to protect.

Just a storyline to maintain.

I need space for this virtual pen and paper to write these blog entries.

Sharing time with my wife, family, friends, pets and wild animals/plants around us.

Tomorrow: 13,778 days to go, or so it seems…